Monday, February 17, 2014

Cupcake tree

Sometimes I just love a good DIY. There is something about making something with your own bare hands and then seeing it come out and not look like a train wreck (disclaimer: I have had some things come out what I thought was HORRIFIC!)  I started getting crafty for my wedding when I came across a fantastic supply website Save On Crafts. If you are looking for supplies for wedding, floral arrangements, really anything, check this site out! So I went online and found a cardboard cupcake tree and decided I could decorate it with storybook pages for my baby shower. Find it here!  
You can find my baby shower here.  I later used it again for Isla's 1st Birthday as well and you can find it here. Birthday Party

This is how it came in,  luckily it comes with instructions to put together and thankfully, it wasn’t that bad!

So since I had to cut up a book and it’s pages I went to the bargain section at Barnes N Noble and I hit the mother load finding a big ole Mother Goose book for only $3.98! The sweet little nursery rhymes and pics were perfect for the tiers of the tree.

Supplies I used for the cupcake tree-
Cupcake Tree
Book pages
Mod Podge (I used the Gloss)
Hot Glue Gun

 1. First I found the pages that I liked and ones that had a lot of words on the page and cut those pages out, easy enough I mod podged the pages on to the different layers, smoothing out the bubbles and then cutting around the edges. I left a little bit of an edge to fold over to get it more clean lines. The one thing I did was make all the words line up so it looked like a continuous book page.

2. After covering all the layers, came the tedious part, cutting out all the little slits on the different tiers. The supports that went through the holes covered up any kind of imperfections, I was just careful I didn’t rip any of the pages around the holes on the top of it.

3. I used the mod podge gloss over the top to seal everything and smooth down the pieces from cutting the slits.

4. Next I used hot glue and glued a thin black ribbon to each tier to finish off and create clean edges to give it a more finished look.

5. Put the tree together and follow the instructions, I managed to not get a picture before the cupcakes were put on :(

 6. Put cupcakes on it and take some pics before you eat them!

and the finished product:

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