Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Shower #1

While we were still quasi living in Chi-Town, we drove up to Buffalo to see my family where my mom threw me a baby shower there at her house.  We had a very short and fast trip, but I managed to see 95% of the people we wanted to.  It's so hard to cram everything in because we are never there for too long. We received a lot of great stuff for the little monkey and we are so appreciative of everything we got.  My mom put in a lot of work to get everything done, including all the favors, my mom gets real crafty sometimes and made all of the favors and the vases for the centerpieces...see pics below.

The hubs and I really love books...we literally have a ginormous bookshelf filled entirely of books.  So I thought what a great idea to have a book shower so the little one can get started early, we received so many amazing and different books! Plus, so many gifts that we had to ship stuff from Chicago because our car was too full when we finally moved back!

I also got a little crafty and decorated a cupcake tree that I purchased on Save on Crafts.  I decorated the tree with black ribbon and used pages out of a mother goose story book to cover the different tiers.  You can see my DIY cupcake tree on Little Mudpies Blog (if you haven't checked out her blog, you totally should because she rocks!) You can find the guest post here:

First up the invitations, I got them off of Etsy (Of course...I'm an etsy addict).  The store is lil MopTop and she has adorable invitations.  You find her store here lil MopTop.  I loved the way the 
invitations came out.  The stickers were put in with the invitations so everyone could sign their book for her.  The elephants match my nursery theme...which is almost done and I will be posting the tour once it's finally complete :) The adorable thing that people may not  have noticed, but the dates that are crossed off are our birthdays (Logan's is May 4th and Mine is August 29th).  I thought it was a cute touch, just not sure anyone picked up on it.  They may have now!

The decorations:

Cupcakes From Baby Cakes in Niagara Falls, NY
Cupcake tree :)
(check out little mudpies link above to see how I made it!)

Favors my mom made for our guests and the
 flags from the mother goose book that my hubby helped make.

Hydrangeas, marble vases and more books for centerpieces

Flower poufs that hung from the tent-
took forever to open all of them!

There is a little bit of my shower in up will be a sneak peek of my shower in Kansas City!

Happy Sunday!

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