Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Mug Swap!

Coffee Mug Swap

So since I love coffee mugs so much (yes I know I own too many but I can't help it!), I jumped on the chance to do another swap and get to meet other bloggers and also shop for the perfect mug for someone else.  I had Carly Anderson from Lipgloss and Crayons blog and you can take a peek at the mug I sent her here.

I was so excited to get a package in the mail...lately it has all been stuff for the baby (which is adorable and fun too!), however getting a little gift just solely for me and not knowing what kind of mug is in that box is also exciting.  My swapper was Melissa from Scribble n Dash blog and she is a fellow mid west blogger from St. Louis, so that was a nice to find out and link up with her...her button is on my side bar under swap love and you should definitely check out her blog, she also just opened an Etsy shop :)

 I love this mug, it's big, it's pink, and has animal print, you can't go wrong.  These days I'm drinking more pregnancy tea than coffee, but yes it fits a lot and is adorable!  Thank you so much Melissa, I love it!

if you are interested in joining in on the fun, click the pic at the beginning of the post for more info and to sign up :)


Dawn Braun said...

ohhh, how exciting!! :) that's a great one!


Lindsay said...

That is so fun! I WANT THAT MUG!

Scribble-N-Dash said...

yayay! I'm so glad you like it!

Now we are Mug Twins haha :)

<3 Melissa

The Slogans said...

I love being mug twins!