Friday, February 28, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasins {Review}

So if you didn't win my giveaway, you are probably contemplating whether or not to buy a pair, right?!

Well along with the giveaway, Freshly Picked has sent me a pair to review.  How could I even choose a color?! They even just came out with an adorable camo pair recently! If you haven't seen all the beautiful colors they have, you need to go to their shop immediately:    I decided on blush though because it just goes well with a lot of Isla's clothes.

I'll be honest, yes I bought a pair of knock off moccasins before because they were cheaper and guess what?  They lasted for about 5 wears before they started falling apart, seriously, I was bummed. So I was super interested to get my hands on a pair to see the difference in quality, color, etc because I have been stalking out Freshly Picked for a while and kinda obsessing over them on Instagram.

When I opened my mailbox and saw the package I was so excited.  Let's talk about about how cute the moccasins are along with the bag they come in and a pin.

The bottoms are my favorite part:  Yes, Isla was eating lunch and it was a must I had to put them on her immediately!  

Baby shoes are so cute, baby feet are my FAVORITE anyway

So Isla has been wearing them around now for about 2 weeks and they are wearing well.The moccasins are really thick, sturdy leather and very well made and sturdy stitching as you can see in the picture above.  Isla is very active and sliding down the stairs and running around and these bad boys stay put on her feet.  Even when I am pulling her out of the car seat, they definitely stay on her feet, which I have been having a problem with most of her boots this winter for some reason. Has other mamas out there been finding shoes in their driveway too?!  The elastic on the side stretches so you can get the shoe easily on and off, so you are not cramming the kiddos foot in there.

So I get this questions a lot, "oh they don't have hard soles?"  No they don't, however the bottoms are a thicker leather and Isla actually falls less than wearing shoes with a thick sole. Would I take her hiking in these moccasins, no, but they are great shoes for running around doing errands or just going to someone's house.  She even wore them to the mall the other day and I actually have them as a back up in my diaper bag right now. From things I have read as well, soft sole shoes are the way to go for kiddos who are just starting out walking and I believe it, I put this kid in a pair of running shoes and she is falling all over the place.

The other question I get, "they are how much?"  Yes, they retail for $60.  Yes, they have sales and do I think they are worth it...well YES. I bet they would get more use out of them than you think! The awesome size chart you can print out was am amazing tool to follow and Isla still has some room in them so she will be wearing this definitely into the spring, if not the summer.

So overall I love these Moccasins and I can't wait for the weather to be nicer so Isla can wear them more outside.

Check out Freshly Picked on Facebook : and Instagram: to be up to date on their sales and new colors and/or patterns (like the adorable camo that just came out).

Here are pics of Miss Isla wearing the moccs. I feel like sometimes trying to get a picture of a toddler in their outfit is like trying to get a clear shot of a puma running.  After being defeated of chasing her around the house, we decided to go to the park on the swing, I knew I could get happy pictures that way and it was surprisingly 50 degrees out that day.
This is the best shot I could get of her inside the house, but can we also talk about how awesome my new dining room chairs are!

Be still my heart.

The flipped up fringe is from miss thing learning to slide down the stairs on her belly.

Who doesn't love an action shot with pigeon toe? :)

**Freshly Picked provided me with moccasins to review. The opinions I shared about the moccasins are my own, and Freshly Picked did not tell me what to say or how to say it.** 

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