Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1st Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Isla's first birthday party.  I was just talking to someone on how the 1st birthday is such a milestone for parents, especially first time parents…you have successfully taken care of that child for an entire year!

I decided to do an ice cream bar party and while I was looking up invitations, I can across a shop that had first birthday invitation for an ice cram party with Isla's name already on it.  Turns out that shop owner has a daughter named Isla a few months older than my Isla and did an ice cream bar party!  oh and the picture of her sample invitation her Isla was in a dress that I also own
for my little thing.  SOOO weird. We decided we were long lost sisters! Any who, she also had printable decorations so it was great!  Here are some of our pictures from celebrating Isla's 1st birthday :) and one last picture collage from the lovely Vita Bella Photography in Niagara Falls, NY who did her smash cake session! I was also able to reuse her cupcake tree from her baby shower I had in Lewiston, NY.  Click here to check out one of my baby showers where I used the cupcake tree.

The invitations and decorations were from Alley 9 Creative Studio on Etsy
Cupcakes and smash cake from Small Cakes
Custom made onesie from Hudson and Ruthie On Etsy

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Megan said...

Such a pretty party! I like the look on Isla's face when her dad took a bite of her smash cake.