Monday, October 29, 2012

Come say Hi to Melissa today!

Melissa from the blog Scribble n Dash is here today!  

Melissa and I met through a coffee mug swap...have you seen the adorable mug she sent me?!  If you haven't then you definitely need to click here immediately!  She is from St Louis, which is only a few hours away from Kansas City.  Maybe one of these days we can meet in the real world haha.  Thanks for stopping by Melissa!  Be sure to check out all she has to offer!

Hello everyone! My name is Melissa & I blog over at Scribble n Dash! I want to first thank & CONGRATULATE Stephanie for letting me take over her blog while she is away becoming a new Mom!!!!

I don't have any children {yet} so I won't be any use in giving any advice or wisdom to Stephanie about motherhood... Although one day I may just be knocking on her door asking her a bunch of questions!! :)

So I figured I would just introduce myself, my blog & chat a little bit about what I do...
came about earlier this year when I decided that I needed an outlet to share my thoughts, opinions, feelings as well as a place for me to document recipes, DIY projects & my everyday life. I absolutely love blogging and the community that comes along with it. There is absolutely no end in sight for me!

I am currently working on writing my first book, hopefully it will be out early 2013.
*fingers crossed*

Between blogging, working {As a full time secretary}, writing & spending time with my family and friends I'm a pretty busy bee.

I blog about...

MY PUPS, Khloe {left} & Mab {right}

My wonderful husband Andrew :)

The rest of my crazy family!
My friends
As well as any other random thoughts that enter my head at the time I sit down to write a post. 

I would love it if you stopped by my blog sometime & said hello! :)

Congrats again Stephanie!!!

Thanks Melissa :) You can follow Melissa on:

Twitter: @medvm07
Instagram: @mmlarose


4 You With Love said...

Great meeting you, Melissa! :D

Lindsay Kozyra said...

Your dogs are so cute!