Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Advice on adjusting to life with a baby from Becky

Today's guest post is by Becky from the blog, Tales of Beauty for Ashes.  She recently just had a baby girl as well!  I am loving all the great advice I'm getting and for anyone who have recently become parents.  She has a lot of great posts and staying positive and hey, let's face it, WE could all use a pick me up some days! Definitely check out her post below and you can see her hanging out on my side bar under swaps.  Thanks for stopping by Becky, I really appreciate it!

 Hey ya'll, I'm Becky and I blog over at Tales of Beauty for Ashes. To read the meaning behind my blog name, go here. WARNING: That is a pretty vulnerable post SO if you want to get broken in easy, read the post below first!

I know that Biblically 1 + 1 = 1.

The Bible says that when a man and woman are married, they become one flesh.
But what happens when you add another to the mix? I am speaking of when a married couple brings a new member of the family into the family.
I adore our new little bundle of joy. I mean just look at her!

But, it HAS been difficult to adjust. 

Think about it; you go from a family of two - Going on a date anytime you want, spending a rainy day in bed, talking for hours and hours (without help of a pacifier),  spending money on frivolous things (like a sushi dinner).

Here are some ways that we have learned to stay connected. Please leave a comment and share any ideas you have!
  1. Talk, talk, talk. Talk about your thoughts. Talk about your feelings. Talk about everything.
  2. Go on a date. Okay, my hubby and I haven't actually done this one yet, but it's planned. This week (right, darlin?). When you go, talk about each other, don't ONLY focus on the baby.
  3. Flirt with each other. Look into each other's eyes, whack him on the bootie, whatever you do to flirt with each other.
  4. Be encouraging. What are some things that your spouse does that you like? Tell them. Do not hesitate to share the things you love about your spouse. 
  5. Give each other some alone time. Having a little someone needing you constantly gets a little...taxing. Give each other alone time so they can feel refreshed.  

What are some things you did to stay connected after baby?

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I would love to get to know you more! Please stop by and say hello!


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