Friday, October 26, 2012

Katlyn's Story from Dreamy Meadow

I have lots of lovely ladies being featured on the blog while I'm away adjusting to my new duties as a mama.  

Katlyn is here on the blog today and sharing her story!  Thanks for much for guest posting Katlyn, you are such a sweet girl and what an inspiration to anyone who reads this story and visits your blog.  Oh visit her shop as well for adorable flower jewelry! Click on the links below or to the right on my side bar to get to know her more!

Hi everyone! I'm Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow and I am super excited to be guest posting on The Slogans today! Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to do so!
I am an 18 year old mother of one and wife to a Navy man. I blog about life as it come to me while trying to inspire with my words. I believe that each of us as bloggers have a voice to find and embrace. It's a journey and it's not easy but we can be something great within our writing!
I found my voice through telling the world about how my life came to be. 
Not a lot of people have a child when they are 16 and then get married at 17.
Honestly I was scared to death and wasn't sure if I could do it at first.
I have learned though that the mistakes that we make in our life, lead us down the right roads in the end.
My son and husband have seriously saved my life!

Before I went through my pregnancy I was failing school, hanging out with not so good people, and just not caring like a teenage girl should. 
I was headed down a road of destruction and hurt.
When I got pregnant something in my head just clicked.
I knew that I had this little innocent baby inside of me that I needed to take care of.
I couldn't slack off. I couldn't not care anymore.
I needed to be the best I could be for that baby.
I ended up breaking things off with my son's biological father.
I changed high schools so I could focus on school and not the drama.
And I also worked my butt of to save money for my baby to come.
When I was 6 months pregnant my now husband came back into my life.
We dated when I was 15 and he was 17 but I ended up breaking up with him because I was naive and thought I could have more fun with other people.. Oh the regret!
He always tried to talk to me and get back into my life but I always turned him down or just ignored what was right in front of my face.
We did end up back together though. Woo!
I hadn't heard from him in a few months and finally received a text message saying he just got out of boot camp. From that point on we worked on rekindling our relationship via phone calls and Skype.  It all worked out though. We stayed strong and are now happily married!
My son is now almost 2. 
I have been married for 1 year.
And I have graduated from high school.
Life brings you places you never knew you could go.
It shows you how strong you can be.
I have learned to embrace whatever is thrown at me and take it as it comes.
God only gives us what we can handle.

Again, thank you Stephanie for allowing my voice in your special place.
I can't wait to see and hear the stories you have to share about your journey into motherhood!
If you'd like to get to know me even more come say hello!
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