Monday, May 2, 2016

Freshly Picked for boys

I had the opportunity to work with Freshly Picked again with my handsome little lad and we were able to test out some sweet moccasins.

 I loved them on my daughter so I was hoping that I loved them just as much for him, and I did.  My little man wore them for both of his 6 month and 1 year pictures as well (pics of sweet baby Edison below).

I love the durability of them and the fit.  I also really like the look of them, you can find a pair for any outfit.  It took a little while for our first pair to fit, in the beginning they were just too big on my little one and they would fly off in the car and then he enjoyed a good chew on them haha.

If you haven't seen the reviews for my other sweet little nugget, you can view it here and also here.  Looking back on those pictures, I can't believe how little my sweet Isla was, ok back to the review.

They are great quality leather and they are durable and don't fall apart.  When my daughter was little, I tried another brand that was cheaper and guess what- within one day they were scuffed and a bow fell off of them. When I had the opportunity to work with Freshly Picked, I was so interested to see how they would compare to at least the other moccs that I had previously purchased. I was so pleasantly surprised how thick the leather was, how nicely stitched it was and especially how they held up.  So of course when I had the opportunity again to work with them after seeing how adorable they are on all these little boys, I jumped on the opportunity again. I also love how many colors and designs they have and they just keep coming out with more designs!

I just love how versatile the shoes are and since my nugget just started walking and will definitely need more pairs!  I also love that FP now offers hard sole shoes for older kids.  For how much we have enjoyed our soft sole, I may have to finally try out the hard sole ones for Isla.

They have a great size chart on their website.  I always measure my kid's feet and they always have a little bit of room which is great because their moccs last longer than you think they would!  Plus, the leather will stretch out a little bit too.  I thought with both of my kids these moccasins last longer than other kids shoes in size and wear. I don't have a pic but they leave the cutest little footprint wear on the soles.

Here is the website to check out all that Freshly Picked has to offer:

You should take a peek at the moccasins, because Freshly Picked is so generous to let me host another giveaway.  I really can't say enough nice things about this company.

OK here are the rules!

1. First of all I am hosting this giveaway on my Facebook page for the blog: click here for my Facebook page

2. If you have previously won a Freshly Picked giveaway within the last 60 days (lucky duck) unfortunately you can not enter this giveaway

3. When taking a peek at the Freshly Picked website, please keep in mind that only the soft soled moccasins are up for grabs on the giveaway.

4. You must be following Freshly Picked on Facebook or Instagram

5.  Winner must be within the United States

Good Luck and take a peek of how cute the moccasins are in the pictures below!

Love the fringe on them. 
Love the FP on the soles!

Anytime Edison has the moccs on, Isla has to wear them too. Rose Gold in the pic on her, denim suede on him
cute with shorts

All moccasins come in these adorable dust bags! Spot the adorable logo in the Camo?!

Close up of the logo in the camo and the adorable stamp on the sole 

Green Camo for 1 year pics

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