Friday, June 19, 2015

Men's Health Month

June is men's health month and I teamed up with Oscar Insurance once again to raise awareness for men and their health.  If you didn't see the post click here to see last month's infographic.  I know as a mom and a wife, I try to stay on top of everyone's appointments and health.  I know I probably annoy my husband to no end about things like, "did you call the doctor?"  "here, take your probiotic" and "did you make your dentist appointment?"  Life gets busy and I know with my hubby who travels for work, and is at the office all day, and then comes home and turns from engineer to dad that it leaves little time for yourself and your needs.  As the infographic states that men are 24% less likely to visit their doctor than women. I'm definitely going to share this post with him! 

This infographic is just ideas of what men can do to stay on top of their health.  As I have stated in my post for women, of course these are just guidelines and suggestions, so you can agree or not agree with the immunization suggestions, but I really like the idea of what we should be doing in the different age groups for physical exams, having our blood pressure taken, as well as different kinds of screenings to stay on top of our health! 

Oscar insurance are a technology based health insurance company in New Jersey and New York (sometimes I totally miss living on the east coast).  They are also growing fast and moving into two more states soon! They use technology with a mobile app with tools on the app that you can call your doctor right through the app with any health questions or concerns without having to make an appointment.  I know for me that would be LIFE CHANGING not having to find a babysitter or pack up two kids to go to an appointment, if not necessary!  There is also a personal health care timeline that lists out your entire health history within the app. They also have an incentive program where we provide our members with Misfit wearables they can sync them to the app, set personal goals for steps and every time they hit those goals they earn back cash rewards up to $240 a year. 

If you would like more info on Oscar Insurance you can click on the following links below!

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