Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Earth Cure Review and GIVEAWAY, woohoo {CLOSED}

I love trying out all natural products and even making my own stuff but I wish I had more time on my hands, but with chasing a 2 year old and having a big old baby bump and trying to organize the house with more baby stuff- it's just much easier these days to just have someone else make it haha.

It's amazing what companies can call natural soap and then you read the back and it will have all of these chemicals and words you can't even pronounce! My latest bummer was from a company that makes homemade, natural cosmetics and products.  I bought some of their body scrubs, I brought it home and while I was in the shower, started to read the back of the container not thinking I was going to see SLS and DYE-hmmm....that's not very natural to me, so now I know that I need to pay even more attention to make sure I am buying things that do not have ingredients that I'm trying to stay away from!

You may have seen my blog posts and reviews and giveaways from the Redmond Trading Company. If you haven't seen them, you can no longer enter the giveaways, but you can check out their company and all that goodness they have to offer with their products like Real Salt (that's all we use in our house now!), Earthpaste (I just ordered more!), and their Clay to name a few.  Click on these links for more info!

Real Salt
Redmond Clay

They also have a few other products and Redmond Bath Salts as well!

Here are the other reviews I have posted about the company:

Redmond Clay Review

Real Salt Review

I was so excited from Redmond came out with a new line of all natural soap and that I was able to get my hands on it to try and you know what else is so amazing, I get to give away not one but TWO sets of the soap!

Here are the 3 scents they offer right now:

So when I say they are all natural ingredients, I mean there are ALL NATURAL and no preservatives the ingredients are as follows:

- distilled water
- coconut oil
- olive oil
- vegetable glycerin
- castor oil
- jojoba oil
- essential oils

It really does not contain any preservatives and I kinda used this soap for everything and went through it really fast!   I used the the citrus soap in the shower as well as at the sink (I love foaming hand soap at the sink!) and I used the lavender for the shower especially at night being pregnant and trying to wind down from the day.  The peppermint I used in the kitchen, something about that minty smell that makes me think of clean! The soap was light and fluffy :)  It wasn't greasy from the oils in the soap and it definitely didn't dry out my skin.  I think my favorite was the citrus, I'm loving everything citrus right now!  Redmond, you have done it again with another great product.  You really should enter the giveaway!!!

Ok ways to enter:

Leave SEPARATE comments for each entry- if you put all you info in one comment then it will be only be considered one entry!

 -go to http://www.earthcureproducts.com and comment which scent you would really like to try the most

additional entries include:

- follow my blog by email- please comment that you have done so or if you follow by GFC let me know that too :)

- Like Redmond Clay's Facebook page and comment that you have liked them https://www.facebook.com/redmondclay

- Like Real Salt's Facebook page and comment that you have liked them https://www.facebook.com/realsalt

- Like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theslogans and comment you have done so.

Good Luck.  The contest will end next Monday night 1/26 at midnight CST!

and the winners are:

Congrats to Tammie Norfolk and Ashley Bree Perez on winning!  If you could please contact me at sloganadventures {at} gmail.com so I can get all of your info that would be awesome !!! Congratulations!

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