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Make your own mud pies, inside and on...your body! Giveaway {CLOSED}

So a few things....

We are back from vacation and I CAN NOT wait to share with you some of our adventures as well as my must do list while visiting Sedona!

What do you think about my new blog design?!!!  I'm so excited and loving it.  High Five to Peaches & Cream Designs!

To help celebrate my new blog post, why not do it with a giveaway for some free health products?!

Now I've been trying to incorporate all natural products, whether it be food, cleaning products, body care products, you name it!  I was so excited when Redmond sent me products to review and are so generous to be giving some of them away from their Redmond Clay line.

Did you know that Clay is AWESOME for your body internally and externally?  Yes as in you can eat it?!

So let's go back and get a little bit of background about Clay.  Native Indians would carry a ball of clay with them and would add it to their meals and would also use it to prevent and treat illnesses such as dysentery, food poisoning, and other sicknesses.  What is in this healing clay?  According to Redmond,  in the area that is now Redmond, Utah, a range of volcanos had erupted sending ash into the ancient Sundance Sea.  The water in the sea then evaporated, leaving a bed of mineral- rich bentonite clay.

What is bentonite clay?

Bentonite Clay is formed from the volcanic ash and has a negative electrical charge attracting positively charged toxins.  Most toxins are positively charged therefore the clay naturally rids the body of toxins as it pulls and holds toxins into it's core.

What is special or unique about Redmond Clay?
According to Redmond, "Most clay deposits are high in either sodium (sodium bentonite clay) or calcium (calcium bentonite clay).  Redmond Clay comes from an unusual deposit, high in both sodium and calcium which gives our clay a unique combination of properties.  Redmond Clay has a strong pulling capacity, which helps draw bacteria out of the body and it also has high swelling capacity , which helps it bind more effectively to toxins internally." Also Redmond Clay contains more than 60 trace minerals, that's a lot of minerals that help keep our bodies healthy!

So what exactly does this healing clay help with?

Internally: Acid Indigestion, reflux, constipation, occasional diarrhea, detoxification, stomachache, severe digestive issues, electrolyte replacement, hydration, fatigue, leg cramps, and mineral supplement

Externally: Burns, Bruises/black eyes, insect stings/bites, diapers rash, detox, severe dry skin, facials, poison oak/ivy, ring worm, scrapes/road rash, sprains, and athlete's foot.

Now you might be asking how in the world can you treat all of this?  You can drink it, take capsules, mix it with water and and use  it as a poultice (making a clay burrito with it or covering your skin and placing cloth and/or plastic wrap on it, clay baths, foot bath, baby powder, and even toothpaste.

So, I've been using the Redmond Clay and I've used it in foot baths and the tub.  I think the foot baths because it makes my feet softer and on top of it gives me detoxification through my feet! Also I've used the Facial mud which is the hydrated clay for facials and my skin is noticeably softer and looks better just after one use.

I have been loving these products.  I've had some break outs and dry skin from this winter on my face and dry skin on my hands and then I was sunburned from Sedona (oh I know poor me haha) but it really helped.  I haven't taken it internally yet but I've been wanting the hubby to try it for his acid reflux.

What I have been using is another line they have called Earthpaste and it has the Redmond Clay in the natural toothpaste and I've been using that everyday.  I recently had a root canal because I had a cracked tooth and using that toothpaste, my tooth wasn't as sore as they said and it felt a lot better within DAYS! I am a believer in this clay!

So lucky for you guys, Redmond is giving away not one but THREE products from their Redmond Clay line!

They are giving away their 10 oz Redmond clay Powder, a tube of the Facial Mud (my personal favorite!), and a bottle of the daily detox clay capsules.  So done and done, you get the powder, the hydrated clay, and then already in capsules to ingest!

Giveaway will last until Sunday night until Midnight CST.  I will announce the winner next Monday!

Here are the ways you can enter:

1. Go to and come back and leave a comment of one of the clay products you would like to try!

To receive extra entries:

1. Like Slogan Adventures Facebook page by clicking here and leave a comment that you can done so.

2. Like Redmond Clay Facebook page by clicking here and then leave an additional comment that you like their page.

3. Become a follower of this blog and comment letting me know if you are already a follower or if new how do you follow (GFC, email, etc or Bloglovin)

So there are 3 extra entries you can get! Good Luck!!!

Be sure to check out their website for more info and FAQs as well :)


**Redmond provided me with the Redmond Healing Clay products to review. The opinions I shared about the products are my own, and Redmond did not tell me what to say or how to say it.** 

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