Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Addition- No I'm not prego.

Back in November, we stopped into Petco to research fish for Miss Isla.  She LOVE LOVE LOVES fish! When we got there, they had a little adoption center so of course the animal lovers that we are, we took a peek.  Isla stuck her hand in the cage of this silky long haired black cat and then what does the cat do, head butts the cage and her hand.  He continues to follow us through his cage and watch us.

Logan and I really want a dog, but it's winter here (yep like most of us, its still snowing in March) and we don't have a fenced in back yard and well a dog and a toddler is really like having two kids. I was a little shocked when Logan said, should we adopt him?

We filled out the application and went back to Petco to meet with him and of course he was a little scared and the only person he would come out from under the table for was Isla!  We decided to bring him home and the rest is history.  He has been an amazing cat- doesn't mess with our furniture, is very good with Isla, and is super snuggly.  He has also lived with a dog and likes them so in time, we will get him another furry friend to play with.

So introducing our main man Spike, yes I know it's an amazing name for a cat.  I can't take credit for his name, he was already named that.

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