Friday, May 2, 2014

Sedona Part 1

I fell head over heels in love with Sedona.  What a beautiful place!  We had so much fun exploring, drinking prickly pear margaritas and climbing up some red rocks and learning about the area.  How beautiful this world is and so many things to see.  This has started my itch to start traveling more and seeing more of the US.  I've always had the itch to travel and see the world, but I think sometimes we don't realize all the beautiful things to see and do right here in our own country. We stayed at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa which is in West Sedona and we really liked it, it was on a main street and it was right next to a grocery store but it was so close to all the restaurants we checked out and had great reviews as well as it was 5 minutes away from Uptown Sedona where all the touristy stuff and shops were.

One thing that everyone I spoke to recommended doing a Pink Jeep Tour and yes we highly recommend it!  We had a blast.  We did a 3 hour tour and it was a bit long for us considering we roamed around all day and went shopping and then did the tour.  I think we were back at the hotel watching TV and reading by 9:30 (yep, we are officially old)

Anyway, here are some pics from our first night/day in Sedona!

We rented a convertible and drove from Phoenix to Sedona.  I was so mesmerized when we got into Sedona, I didn't even get pictures.  I think I kept repeating all weekend, "how does this even exist?!"  MIND BLOWN.  Ok on to pictures.

Views from our room.  We did make sure we had a view from our room! I would wake up roll over and see those red rocks.

We drove out a little ways and ended up checking out Slide Rock Park.  You could swim down there but we didn't have our suits and it was warmer than usual but that morning I was still in long sleeves, that didn't stop people though.

Then we went up to the Airport Vista.  It must be so terrifying and exciting to land at that airport.  As someone who is not the best flier in the world, I would probably get horribly sweaty palms and pee my pants, maybe just a little bit! Can we just talk about how the Arizona Sky is absolutely perfect!

Towards the bottom of the hill is a rock you could climb up to get some views so in true fashion, I did a yoga pose...

Here is the Rock we climbed:

and here are some of my favorite pictures from the Pink Jeep tour, if anyone is interested, the tour we did was Scenic Rim and Broken Arrow.  The Broken Arrow part was the coolest part of the tour and it's a tour all on it's own.  Our tour guide was so funny and we had a really good time!

this picture is interesting, we are at a spot called Chicken Point and you can see where that white line is and it's actually called white line.  No joke, mountain bikers get up there and ride along that line.  I'm serious, you tube it!  

Overall, we enjoyed our first full day in Sedona! 

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