Monday, August 4, 2014

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

Something is going down today.

Something that has never been done on this here blog. (Can you tell I'm Texan?)

Something so extraordinary that I enlisted some of my best blogging buddies to join me.

Gift card giveaway

Starting today and running for approximately one week, I am joining with some very special ladies to give away a gift card for $100! Not only that, but YOU (the winner) gets to choose which option you want to have you gift card from. You get to choose from a variety of places like Spas, Restaurants, etc. Your choice!
Meet the bloggers behind the giveaway:


Stephanie at Slogan Adventures

ToveMaren at Mama in the Now


Georgia oatmealsmiles profile pic

Georgia at Oatmeal Smiles

Profile Photo - May 2014

Jaime at Life of Creed

Chirleen-Headshot (2)

Chirleen at A Harvest Reaped

Dr. Bola

Bola at Healthgist


Shannon at Sassy Lemonade

100 gift card giveaway

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