Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Super Safety Tips!

 I am by no means supermom, but I would like my kiddo to be as safe as can be within our house.  I want her to have the freedom to explore and not have to be helicopter mom because she is getting into something that I could have prevented. So when Dropcam, (click on their name for info about them) asked me to join in on their Security Supermom Campaign- it make really think about what is an absolute necessity for us and what else I should be child proofing to make our home a safer place for our little one.  So just for today, I will be calling myself Safety Supermom and let's just call my little one, the villain.  Let's be honest here, toddlers can most certainly be villains, am I right moms?!

Speaking of supermoms, I will share a not so supermom moment of the week- our dining room table is where things go to die (magazines, paperwork, etc).  Obviously we don't do too much entertaining (I wish we did!) and also we need to get that organized!  My daughter loves to climb and sit in chairs and she climbed up and was sitting nicely, so I went to grab something in the other room and I heard it, NOTHING, you know the toddler silence, the silence you know something is up.  Oh yes, she was on the table crawling to grab something from the disorganized mess of a dining room table, yikes. We have since cleaned off the table, but there were some of her toys on there and she wanted to play.  Trying to stay organized and things picked up is difficult sometimes with a toddler, but use me as an example- DON'T PUT IT ON A TABLE haha.  I don't know if that is so much as a superpower as common sense but you move things to get it out of the way and to organize it later and they see it and want it and GO FOR IT!

It just goes to show that everyday is something new, something fun, and sometimes scary.  Here are some of my mommy safe tips on what works for us in our home.

Defying Gravity- My villain loves to apparently loves to scale walls, tables, sky scrapers (ok that was a little dramatic, but she was definitely scaling tables as stated above!).  We have a taller toy bin in our house and she loves to stand on the lower bins to reach up to the top.  We anchor that bad boy to the wall, as that could be a major hazard!  We wouldn't want these bigger items falling on the littles ones. So anchoring furniture to the walls is always a good thing with these climbers whether its a dresser, a bookcase, or a toy bin! Ok that is really Superdad with the hammer and nails, but I told him to do it for me and I supervised :)

Blocking Their Escape- the more mobile they get, the faster they get and even though my almost 2 year old is pretty good with stairs, I have to block off the bottom of the stairs with a gate.  We are working on blocking off the top of the stairs but I have found her many times upstairs wandering when I had no idea where she is or what she is up to (most of the time, bothering the cat). We also gate off our family room where I know its safe for her to play, if I have to leave the room for a minute- like I said, they are fast! Also, now my little one is tall taller to push open my glass door of my front door- so I've been locking that door so it doesn't send my little villain onto our concrete porch!

Tracking Device- I know a lot of people say they don't need a video monitor, but they are pretty nice on watching the little one in their room and what they are doing if they making noise or awake at night or in the mornings.  Our first video monitor died and we were almost in a panic not being able to see her waiting for the new one to come in haha.  But we can track that villain, to see if she is up to no good, in any trouble that supermom needs to help out with, or just ready to get up. When talking about these cameras and monitors, did you know that Dropcam also offers affordable security cameras that stream right to your computer or phone!  Be sure to click on the link above to find out more about Dropcam and the features of their security cameras.

Kryptonite- I'm talking about electricity and toxic chemicals (cleaners, dish washing pods, laundry detergent, etc). My little villain could have cared less about electrical outlets but now at 21 months old is getting more interested and have even tried pulling her nightlight out of the socket, so we definitely keep the ones that she can get to covered up with the plug covers.  Also moving the cleaners, soaps to a higher location or locking them up out of their reach so they can't get to them.  They just get so curious as well as my little one loves bowls, cups, bottles, probably more than her own toys sometimes!

Those are just a few of the safety tips that have really needed to happen in our home.  What childproofing have you had to do in your house?

image of the supermom came from: http://www.clipartlord.com/free-super-mom-clip-art/

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