Thursday, January 23, 2014

yippee a vacation is on the radar.

Man does life seem to be flying by or is it just me?

So, Logan and I moved shortly after getting married…if you haven't seen some of the wedding pictures, check out this post here of our Tennessee wedding.  We were eager to start a family and well, it kinda happened right away.  We were going to plan our honeymoon once we made it to Kansas City and then we found out we would be having a baby AND moving to Chicago.  We were going to go to Italy to drink wine (which wasn't happening anymore for me) and see the sights.  So we decided that Italy wasn't going anywhere and we should probably save the money for the baby, so very adult of us.

Then we thought, hey since we didn't go on a honeymoon, let's definitely take a babymoon.  Well in between flying back and forth from Chicago to Kansas City for check ups on our nugget and checking on our apartment (otherwise known as the very expensive storage space we had here in KC), we decided to start house hunting.  As if we didn't have enough going on,  we found a house in 2 weeks…so the babymoon was axed with the down payment on the house.

So in other words….LOGAN AND I NEED A VACATION.

My in-laws so graciously accepted to stay with Isla, so not only do we get a vacation, and I'm a little saddened but also excited to say we are going to have a KIDLESS VACATION!

We went back and forth about the places to go see and we decided on Sedona.  Those views in pictures online are rocking my world, so I can't wait to see it in person. I have never been to Arizona and I'm excited that we are also going to venture out to the Grand Canyon too one day.  Have you been there?  Any suggestions on what to do, what to see?  We are going for a long weekend.  We would love any suggestions!

Anyone else feel like they need to recharge and reboot with a vacation?  I don't think the polar vortex is helping at all. It is 5 degrees here right now in Kansas City, not counting the wind chill…Spring please come soon!

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