Friday, January 17, 2014

1 year pictures!

My little girl is officially 1, well actually today she is 15 months already.  Holy Moly this has been the fastest year of my life and it just keeps flying by.

While visiting for a weekend in my hometown, we had Isla's 1st birthday pictures and smash cake session by some very talented girlies I went to high school with.  Check them out at

Andrea and Jess did an awesome job chasing my "runner" and of course my kid didn't want to eat the cake.  She looked so confused with her hands dirty haha.  The cake was GORGEOUS and I gave them my ideas and poof this gorgeous cake appears at her session!   It was better than any birthday cake I've ever had and my family ate the cake afterwards! We had to put crushed up mum mums on top of the cake to get her to eat it!

 Here are some of my favorite images from her session. We did an ice cream theme because I did an ice cream party for her birthday party, that's coming up next on the blog.

The onesie was custom made from the shop Hudson & Ruthie on Etsy.  Also the headband is from Rolly Polly on Etsy, unfortunately her shop is closed until the spring, but if you have instagram check her out! Her instagram name is: rolly_polly_.  She made the most amazing mummy headband for Isla for Halloween too.


Holly said...

She is beautiful! Such sweet eyes :)

The Slogans said...

you are sweet! Thanks so much!