Friday, May 16, 2014

Keep it Clean gift bucket idea from April {guest post}

Today, I'm so glad to have April over on my blog and how cute is this idea?!  Happy Friday :)

 Hi Guys, I am April from and I love making sweet little gift baskets. Since we just bought our first home and we are moving this weekend (squeee!) I have been thinking of ways to be hospitable to people that might move into my new neighborhood, since now I will be all legit and established as a home owner. This gift would also be perfect for someone going off to college, or a friend about to make a move. I think that the official name for this will be my "Keep It Clean" bucket. Here's what you need (I grabbed all this at the Target dollar spot):

  Keep it clean bucket supplies -

 Pretty dish gloves, some Meyers All Purpose cleaner, Clorox Wipes, a sponge, and some post-its. These are essential to help those new neighbors feel like someone in their new community cares about them in their time of need... the cleaning supplies for obvious reasons, but the post-its too. If you have ever moved you know that there seems to be this crazy list(s) of what you have to buy next time you go out. From reminders about light bulbs to taking drink and pizza orders for all those friends-who-helped-you-moved, post-its are just a good idea. Throw these babies in a dollar spot bucket and you have yourself a lovely little gift for under $8!

  New Neighbor gift  Keep it clean bucket supplies -  

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