Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling with an infant

We made a quick trip back to Lewiston (my hometown) for everyone to meet the nugget and we all survived!  I was a hot mess thinking about flying with Isla, but was so relieved she did well, of course she definitely had her moments, but overall I give my child a gold star.  All the flight attendants told us how great she did and one attendant even gave her her first pair of wings!

We didn't get to see everyone or do everything we wanted to do and hopefully we can get back sooner than later, so if we missed you and you are reading this, we are sorry! 5 days (minus our traveling days) was way too short!

Isla did much better flying during the afternoon rather than waking her up super duper early and dragging her to the airport, like we did on our way to Buffalo.  I'm sure it's different for every kid though. It also helped that there were other kids on the plane on the way home, so if someone cried, it wasn't necessarily my child.  I was amazed at the number of people that wanted to play and make faces at my child to entertain her and not just roll their eyes when they see a baby getting on the plane.  There were a few on our 6:15 flight, but hey guess what people, Isla has places to go and people to meet. If you didn't want kids on your flight, charter a private plane!

 Since Logan was on the end on our flight home, he got stuck changing Isla's diaper in the airplane bathroom not once, but twice.  Only my kid would poop twice on a hour and a half flight! Dear airlines- it's 2013 and people travel with their kids now, it may be time to update the bathrooms with a changing table! See the funny picture of Isla below (it's kinda fuzzy- you know between the plane moving and my kid on a sink it was hard to get a clear shot!)

Here are some pictures of our travels:

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