Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Mom Moment

I used to multi-task my ass off, what is it about becoming pregnant you get pregnancy brain and then it turns into mom brain that you forget half the shit you were supposed to do that day?!

I admit it, I struggle.  I struggle with keeping the house clean, Isla clean, even myself clean.  I struggle to sit down to pay bills, eat lunch; being a mom is hard stuff.  I love it, but it's exhausting.  Holy crap, I realized how long it's been since I have blogged.   My one boss told me you never really realize how much free time you have had until you have a kid, boy was she right!  All you mamas out there with more than one, I know it doesn't get easier, my hat goes off to you.

Before I was making lists to see everything I got accomplished for the day, now I'm making lists to not forget all the things I need to do.

The moment I would like to document, I'm still laughing at myself about this.  I was catching up with friends while Isla was napping and trying to get dinner in the crockpot (a must have for new moms!).  I was making BBQ chicken tacos, I know sounds delicious.  I put everything in, turned it on low, and walked away.  Some time passes I check on it and turn in on high because it's not cooking as fast as I wanted it to.  Logan calls me to tell me he is on his way home, so I go back to check on it and guess what...

I NEVER PLUGGED THE CROCKPOT IN.  The crockpot was next to my mixer and I thought the crockpot was plugged in, but it was the damn kitchen aide that was plugged in. SHIT.

I panicked, here I was thinking I was supermom- Isla was asleep, I was actually talking on the phone uninterrupted, I was making dinner and it all crumbled before my eyes.  There was no way we could eat chicken that had been at room temperature for at least 4 hours and all the rest of my meals I had planned were frozen.  At least, I had the meals planned out for the week!

So we had burgers and fries and you know what, it was delicious!

Yes mom, I get it...all those times I asked you what the hell was wrong with you, I get it.

Anyone else have any crazy mom brain moments they will never forget?


Megan said...

Multi-tasking with a baby is really hard. I used to be the Queen of multi-tasking but when Hunter is crying and fussy or just wants to be held all day long, it's so hard to get anything accomplished. I really feel for all of the moms out there who have to go back to work. I don't think I could be a mom and hold down a corporate job right now. I can only do one thing at a time. Sometime I look at this and think of it as a character flaw in myself because the majority of women are able to balance successful careers and child rearing. Me, however, is another story. For better or worse in how the story of my life will be played out remains to be determined.

Lindsay said...

Story of my life. I have no idea how I make it though each day keeping everyone alive. I am always losing things and forgetting stuff. HOWEVER, I have never forgotten my children anywhere so I count that as a success.

Becky Moseley said...

haha, I have those mommy moments constantly, especially now that I am preggo.