Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I chose to cloth diaper

Recently I've received a lot of slack and opinions for wanting to cloth diaper.  I'm not sure what happens when people become parents and instantly want to tell you what you should do.  My favorite was "good luck with that"  Ok thanks, will do, I will let you know how it goes! It's almost as frustrating as hearing "get your rest now."  Um yeah, I have this belly and swollen feet and hands and have to get up to pee every 3 hours, how well would you sleep?!

Hey if you want to use disposables, I'm not judging or making comments about how your kids diapers will out live them in the landfills (FYI it's 500 years!), among others things that I'm not going to sit here and harp on because that's not what I do :)

Call me a hippie...

Call me crazy...

 I made a conscious decision to put soft fuzzy diapers on my monkey, and help the environment plus the other benefits for my child, plus the amount of money that we will save. It would be nice if they made them in adult sizes...who wouldn't want fleece around their bum? I've done my research on them and it was the best decision for's not the best decision for everyone and I totally get that. I'm not saying I will never use a disposable-just not all day, everyday.

Recently a store opened in the Kansas City area that I was able to check out the other day.  It's called Diaper Daisy and they have a facebook page here: Diaper Daisy FB Page and a website where you can order from here.  One of the owners is who I purchased my diapers from prior to the store opening and I've very excited they have a actual store now.  They have more than just cloth diapers, they have classes, eco friendly toys, breastfeeding supplies, laundry detergent, etc.  I'm very excited to go check out one of their baby wearing classes once this monkey is out, have I mentioned that she could make her appearance any day now and I'm about a week away from my due date?!  There has been a lot of walking, drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapple, and spicy food going on over here at the Cook household!  I even walked a 5k on Sunday, I'm pretty sure she loves it in there!

If you have any interest in cloth diapering that is so much information out there on the internet. Besides reading about the benefits there is a lot of different styles, sizes, etc that can make the whole cloth diapering decision making a little scary and overwhelming, how do you know which ones to choose?!  Diaper Daisy has cloth diapering 101 which can help explain all the different diapers that are out there.

When I was in the store, I purchased a few wet bags for the diapers and once she is bigger I will be going back to rent and test out the larger diapers for her to see what is the best fit.  I may buy another wet bag too for when I go back to Bikram yoga to work on this post baby body and have a great waterproof bag to put my sweaty yoga clothes after class.

Stay tuned for my adventures in cloth diapering.


Nicole said...

That store sounds amazing! I wish I would've looked into CDing a little more, but it didn't seem super feasible/a good fit for us. I'm hoping to try it next time around if/when that ever happens. :)

Following you now, and following back on twitter :) Hope you'll stop by next week for my find + follow friday hop!

♥ Nicole @

The Slogans said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for following, I am a new follower on your blog as well :) I'm hoping the cloth works out! I will keep everyone updated on my journey. I will definitely check out the follow friday hop this week!