Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Another thing we can cross off our bucket list!  For months we have been living in walking distance to the Willis Tower (AKA the old Sears Tower) and still haven't ventured up there so with a Tuesday night with nothing to do, we decided to head up there around sunset and check it out.  The sky deck does have some spectacular views of the city and it was a clear night.  We were able to find our tiny looking apartment from way up there and watch the sunset.  There is also something called "The Ledge."  I don't do heights very well and it's a ledge that extends out of the sky deck by 4 or so feet and is completely see through overlooking the street, NO WAY.  I'm a baby when it comes to heights.  I once climbed a Mayan ruin in Belize, got to the top realized how high I was, got dizzy, and immediately climbed down.  Logan went out there, I observed :)

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