Tuesday, May 22, 2012


woo hoo I'm involved in a giveaway...you know all those wonderful crafty things I made for the wedding (here I go tooting my own horn, but did you check out my wedding pictures?!  if you haven't please click here!) Since I made a few extras just in case of some things, I made more of my moss and twine covered tea lights and they are just hanging out here so I'm giving them away on Little Mudpies Blog...starting today!  So you can either click on the link here...http://littlemudpies.blogspot.com/ or you can simply click on the little mudpies button over to your right under my sponsors.  There are other things being given away too so check them out!

Here is a pic of the tea lights from the wedding:

The Little Mudpies Blog also has more pics of them to check out.  I will be giving away 3 of them and including tea lights.  They are a cute addition to adding them on your patio furniture, your front porch,  your fireplace, wherever.  Be sure to check out the Little Mudpies blog for all the things that are being given away. good luck :)

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