Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cubs, Bulls, and Root Canals oh my!

The other week proved to be quite the eventful week...beginning with me flying back to Chicago with a horrible toothache.  Back in college, I cracked my tooth eating beef jerky, I don't even eat beef jerky so I have no idea why I decided it was a good idea.  Since I didn't take care of it, I then had two exposed nerves in that tooth and my dentist at the time fixed it up so I wouldn't have to have a root canal.  Well, It came back with a here I am in the Kansas City airport researching dentists to call in the morning.  I did find a nice place in walking distance from our apartment.  I called them and they got me in within the hour!  My tooth was throbbing as I bent over to tie my shoes and then walking on the concrete sidewalks really made it throb.  So they looked at my tooth and did a bunch of tests but unfortunately the only thing they could do is a root canal! wonderful husband came over from work to make sure I was ok to get home and then left work early after a meeting to bring me food I could eat.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn't the way I wanted to start off my week.  But I did have a very pretty view while waiting until I was all numbed up.

So if you ever find yourself in Chicago needing a good dentist with a great view, visit the peeps at Downtown Dental!

The next day we ventured out to Wrigley Field.  I have actually never been to a MLB baseball game.  Why not make Wrigley Field my first experience.  It was scarf day, so they handed out cubs scarves at the beginning of the game.  They played the Cardinals, the hubby's favorite baseball team and well unfortunately the Cubs tied it in the 9th and then went on to beat them :(
Yes I'm wearing two scarves and Logan is wearing a cubs scarf and a cardinals hat
Pretty good seats

Wednesday I had to go back to the dentist :( but this time it was only for my permanent filling although my gums were still pretty sore!  I treated myself to a chai tea latte and my couch for the rest of the afternoon.

On Thursday, we went to the United Center and saw the Bulls play.  Those games are a ton of fun.  We had a blast.  As much as I heart Sabretooth tiger from the Buffalo Sabres...Benny the Bull was pretty hysterical too.  I always thought that would be the best job ever, no one knows who you really are and you get to mess with everyone and act crazy!  Think about it...BEST JOB EVER. I googled mascots and although they won't list his salary, reports say that NBA mascots can make $200,000 or more.  Reason #2 why this is the best job ever!

So there is a week in review...we are in Kansas City this week, we bought a new camera and I can't wait to share some of the pictures we have taken :)

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