Monday, April 2, 2012

what a monday

I have made list of blog posts to catch up with all the adventures of Chicago and all of our travels, but today I have FAILED.

Reasons for a failed Monday

1. Had to wake up at 3:30 this morning to take the hubby to the airport for an early morning flight to Chicago...I stayed in Kansas City for the week, he is coming back for Easter.  Me no likie when he is away.

2.  Of course I stayed up until his flight landed and then crawled back to my bed to take a nap since it was 7:30am. at 8am, men are climbing on the roof hammering away...WTF.

3.  I get up and go back to the couch, I look out my living room window, there is two ladders with men in my view replacing the gutters. Good thing I wasn't just in my underroos or something

4.  Then they are ringing my doorbell asking me to move my car to replace the gutters in the front.

5.  Finally it stops and I lay back down and they start mowing.

So lets just say, I've gotten nothing done today...well tomorrow is a new day. Here's to falling asleep early tonight.

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