Monday, March 19, 2012

St Paddy's Day Weekend Part 1

Being in Chicago this time of year is a little crazy!  Lots of people flock to the city, plus it's during spring break on top of all the Irish festivities.  We live right downtown so we are near lots of the site seeing (we live 4 blocks from the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) and in walking distance from where they dye the river, so needless to say it was a little busy with people and drunken debauchery around our apartment building.

The hubs took a half day on Friday and it took him a little longer to get home because Obama was also in Chicago doing something at a hotel within blocks of our place and Logan's office and all the streets were blocked off.  As he called me to tell me he is on the way home...he sees the presidential limo, I yell at him to get off the phone and take a picture and hang up on him. He did not get a good picture, you could get any where near the limo after it passed him.  However I did believe him for a split second when he called me back and told me he shook his hand haha....jerk!

2 other fails of the weekend...going to the Willis Tower on Friday afternoon to realize there is over an hour wait to get up there and leaving to watch Mizzou's wonderful upset (sarcasm).  Dealing with a very grumpy husband and not seeing the sky deck...not a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday we woke up nice and early because I was seeing that river turn green.  We stopped for breakfast and headed towards the river. It was so packed down there with people so we finally got a good spot to take this picture...notice all the people!

It was a gorgeous day and with being outside all day my face and shoulders definitely were a little pink the next day.  Fun day all in all, more pics to follow tomorrow.  Seeing the river and St. Paddy's day parade in Chicago, check!  Crossing that one off my bucket list!

Happy Monday :)


lindsay said...

That is so fun!!

Megan said...

Exciting! I love that photo you got of the green river!

Lorri said...

Yay for the green river! So fun! Sorry about the Mizzou loss...oh wait...not really! =)