Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Moss Letters!

Well we already started getting wedding presents in the mail...I'm thinking to myself, isn't it kinda early...but according to the knot its only 39 days away!  Eek there are so many things to do still!  But wow what great friends and family we have...thanks for our toaster oven and my delicious food steamer and rice cooker!  I'm totally making quinoa and veggies in that thing this week WOO!

and we are STILL waiting for a bunch of RSVPs...I feel like I'm stalking out the mailbox around 3pm everyday haha.

I have been procrastinating a little but here is another DIY project I did all on my own for the wedding...

Moss covered letters and planted in a pot :) I bought everything from good ole hobby lobby...LOVE THAT PLACE.

1. I bought cardboard letters and light green reindeer moss...I hot glue gunned all the moss on the letters...Good thing my new last name only have 4 letters...it is pretty time consuming and takes about 2 hours each letter.  But maybe that's just the perfectionist in me.

2. We spray painted the wooden rods brown and let them dry, we also had to cut the rods to our desired height...I let Logan do that one!

3. In the pots we put styrofoam inside, cutting a hole in the center of it to hold and support the wooden rod

4. Cut a hole in the bottom of the letter and glued the rod in and then fixed the moss around the hole

5. Place the letter on the rod and into the styrfoam...fixing it to make it even...

6. I put the natural moss that has wood chips and moss to give it a earthy soil feel on top of the styrofoam to cover it up.

Pretty easy! I can't wait for them to go on my gift table :) Will post finished product.

Happy Tuesday!

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