Thursday, August 18, 2011


I haven't realized how long its been since I have how time has passed.

Wedding planning is taking up my days...but we are getting there.  I'm being very martha stewart like and making some stuff so I'll be sure to give a sneak peak into our wedding day.  I can't believe I became so crafty! It must be the domestication that has happened over the last year. We still have a long list of things to do, fortunately that list is getting smaller!

I need to update my blog more...but here is my latest obsession...PINTEREST.  Its where people "pin" things they like and it really helps get ideas and look through things.  After looking through recipes (I've been a cooking machine lately) I found a recipe for nutella puppy chow and I made it yesterday was delicious and it took 20 minutes at the most to make.  There is so much of it, Logan will definitely need to bring some to the job site.  If you would like an invite to start "pinning" and getting great ideas for anything from DIY to weddings!  I will send you one :)

And I've now downloaded an app called etsy addict, thats exactly what I've become...I have bought sooo much stuff for the wedding, when I can't sleep at night or early in the morning when Logan leaves and I can't sleep, I shop on etsy, whoops.  Here is the latest purchase and I love these for my vintage rustic theme! Beautiful silver cake forks that are hand stamped.  The store on etsy is You Name it Jewelry and she was one of the only places I found that will hand stamp your wedding date at the bottom of the forks...for the same price as every else's forks!

Happy Thursday Everyone...expect many a blog posts for past events I have yet to blog about :)  

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