Monday, May 2, 2011

So many things to be grateful and excited and nervous- we found a place to get married!  As I speak (or I should say type) we are waiting for the contract to be emailed for us to sign.  I think I'm having sticker shock with all the prices, WHY IS ONE DAY SOOOOO EXPENSIVE!  So things to check off our list for the wedding:

  • my wedding dress that I bought on an online sample
  • a place to actually get hitched 
  • Bob, Logan's very funny and witty brother in law became ordained so he can marry us!  

So until we sign the contract and I can get the ball rolling on all this wedding stuff, I'm graduating from yoga teacher training this weekend and I'm spending the last week here finishing my journal (thats late and I'm behind).  Can't believe this amazing experience is almost over and I love everyone I have met there!   The memories of each and everyone of them will stay with me for a lifetime.

So with all the waiting and procrastinating on studying and doing my journal, our kitchen table has been taken over by a 1000 piece puzzle that I bought the other day for us to put together, I also bought jenga :)  Good times in the Cook household.  Although Logan says I keep buying the hardest puzzles, whoops!

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