Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what to do with extra moolah?

I have come to the conclusion that is doesn't matter how much money you make, you will find a way to spend it.  Especially preparing and buying for another kiddo, holy moly kids are pricey.  I am also now realizing that when you have a girl first- NO ONE buys you anything gender neutral but hey Isla sure doesn't look cute in all of her leopard print, I'm not going to lie haha. It is also fun to shop for a boy and a girl.

So, recently I have come across Dollar Shave Club, have you heard of them?  You can sign up and select one of their razors, create an account, and the first order they will send the razor and the blade to you.  After that, they will ship and send you replacement blades once a month (or you can choose a frequency) like a subscription.  By doing this and with razors starting at around $3 you can save $100 a year just on shaving supplies by doing this subscription program. So, what I would do with an extra $100? I should say- pay down a bill or put it in way, here are the fun things I could think of to do with an extra hundo.

- Is it bad to say that I would say I would spend $100 on Mexican Coca Cola, turn up the heat in my house, put on a bathing suit and make believe I was on vacation in Mexico.   The weather is killing me here in the Midwest, one day 60 degrees, 2 days later, 18 degrees (before the wind chill) and snow.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND KANSAS!

- Use that extra $100 to buy every single pop song that my nugget and I jam out to and not feel bad or be embarrassed to actually spend money on them haha. You should hear my 2 year old belt out taylor swift from the back seat, it's pretty amazing.

- As someone with a fresh newborn (almost 2 weeks old) and a 28 month old- is it bad for me to say I would pay $100 to sleep all night in a hotel myself! Sorry to my kids and husband

- I guess I show throw a more practical one in there, last but certainly not least, a massage!!

Post in the comments below, what you would do with an extra hundred dollars!!!

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