Monday, June 2, 2014

toosum Snack Bars Review

I was recently sent 3 different flavors of toosum Snack Bars to try.  As a mom on the go and with a toddler who loves snacks, I am always looking for healthy foods for both of us to eat.  I was really excited when I was asked to test out the snack bars.

Let's talk a little bit about the company.  What does toosum mean?  It comes from the old English word "toothsome" and it means temptingly tasty and delicious.  Toosum's mission, as stated on their website, "To nourish a community of global citizens with delicious, healthful shelf-stable snack foods .  At toosum, we scour the world for the most wholesome ingredients and bring you 'Global Goodness.'" Also, the founder Peter Guyer had found that each region has it's own special goodness to share, for example- Slim bars were inspired by Asia with the cherries and plums.

toosum are gluten free, non GMO,  and only 100 calories per bar and the best part can actually pronounce everything in the ingredients!  These bars did not last long in my house at all!  I received Slim bars that have cherries and plums, the Energize Bars with acai and cranberries, and the Digest bars with greek yogurt and blueberries.  For gluten free they are pretty good!

So I have to say that I was excited and a little skeptical at first because I am not gluten free (GASP, I know) but I do try to eat whole grains and things that are gluten free, so my family and I don't go into gluten, bloated, overload.  I have made plenty of gluten free snacks but the last gluten free granola bars that I had purchased, definitely left something to be desired!

The day I received them I was having coffee with a friend and had her try one and she instantly said, "this is pretty good for gluten free!"  I also handed one off to my daughter, who devoured it.  I thought the Energize and the Slim (which were my favorite) had a lot more flavor than the Digest that had the greek yogurt and the blueberries, but I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on what they like.    I just couldn't enough of both the Slim and Energize with the flavors of the cherries and plums as well as the cranberries and acai.  I guess I liked the combination of the more tart fruit.  My daughter on the other hand didn't care which flavor I gave her.  I thought the bars were nice and soft and packed a lot of goodness in with the fiber content and only being 100 calories. It is a great snack and I thought it filled me up.  I would love to try the Calm ones as well that has chamomile and coconut in them, yum!

So at the end of the day, if people are wondering can healthy and gluten free be delicious?  Well, my answer is yes!  Let's look at the ingredients, as you can see you can read and understand what each ingredient is!

Here are the benefits and the ingredients listed from their website:

Over all, I really enjoyed the bars and I would like to order more and have them in my pantry, my car, my diaper bag.  They are pretty tasty and really easy on the go snack, not to mention healthy!  I definitely would like to order some and take them with us to the pool this summer.  

Where can you get there snack bars?
You can purchase toosum bars on their website as well as get more info and FAQ about the products:  they can also be found on amazon now: find them here {affiliate link}

*toosum provided me with the healthy snack bars to review. The opinions I shared about the products are my own, and toosum did not tell me what to say or how to say it.** 

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