Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspiration for 2013

This year I'm not making resolutions (it's a little late anyway!)  This year, I have goals that I would love to accomplish, besides the obvious goals you know, being a good partner to my husband, a good mom, paying off debt, blah blah blah stuff I should be doing anyway.

So I would like to share my inspiration wall that was more mental but now I am putting out there here on my blog and Pinterest to make it official and keep myself accountable and checking back in to accomplish these goals.

Fitness is a big goal of mine, my life was so crazy the past year and although I walked a lot through my pregnancy and took some prenatal yoga, I wish I would have been more active.  I recently am making this goal a reality by joining Baby Boot Camp and their MOLO (Mother Love) fitness challenge that I am able to do with the nugget in the stroller as well as a Pilates class called Restore the Core and being able to have a mommy time out.  Isla loves her Sunday nights with Dad. Not only do I want to lose the rest of this baby weight but I want to be healthier in general, I'm not getting any younger and we will probably want to have another nugget at some point.  If any mamas are looking for a baby boot camp in their area you can check out http://www.babybootcamp.com.  I also have dreams of running my first 5K.

More CLEAN eating...I started making the initiative when I was still pregnant and also making freezer meals and slow cooker meals that were healthy and would get us through the first month of being new parents and not knowing our ass from a hole in the ground from sleep deprivation.  The crock pot has literally saved my life, but have you noticed that a lot of slow cooker recipes call for condensed cream of whatever soup?  I was on the hunt for healthier options and I found it.  Check out  mamaandbabylove.com.  She has a lot of great info in general but her slow cooker books are great and I've made a bunch and they are delish!  I also am researching buying local meat and can't wait for the farmers markets to open back up.  

Get my house decorated!  Holy Crap, it is a lot of work...we still have boxes packed from Tennessee (which we moved from TN last January as in 2012, eek) and going from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house equals empty rooms.

Build a garden!  I have no green thumb, but I am trying! Composting is also on my list...

Building my blog!  I need to get in a routine to sit my booty down and plan and get more than one post a week...maybe a new design...wink, wink to all you blog designers out there.

Post baby fashion- I have a review coming up from Firmoo Optical, I will be reviewing a pair of glasses.

check out my inspiration board on Pinterest and follow me: http://pinterest.com/slcook/inspiration-board-for-2013/.  I will be adding all things that are inspiring to me for 2013 and what I want to make a priority this year. I know I may not get everything accomplished, but it's still there to remind me of what I want to work towards!

What are you putting on your inspiration board for this year?  If you have one on Pinterest or want to make one,  be sure to share!


FrugalFoodieMama said...

Oh, this is a great idea! Now I want to make an inspiration board for 2013. ;)

The Slogans said...

Make one! I would love to check yours out :)