Thursday, March 1, 2012


So we are getting all settled in, its been YEARS since I've lived in a city- like a BIG metropolitan area.

Things I'm getting used to-

1. Hearing the subway trains on the street over from our apartment all night.
2. Besides the sounds of the train, hearing the announcements on the above ground train all night and nice and early in the morning.
3. The lovely sound of sirens and beeping horns at whatever time they feel like.
4. Logan & I being in each other's faces because our apartment is basically a studio apartment
5. Laundry is 10 floors up from us
6. Figuring out the subway

The things I'm loving so far about the City:

1. Getting out and walking everywhere- I feel like I have more energy plus getting some exercise that us suburbanites wouldn't normally get from sitting our booties in the car.
2. Deep dish pizza- check, hopefully consuming a chicago dog very soon!
3. Our historic apartment building that was built in 1895 and has so much old charm and character....small, but has a lot of character...look at our apt door, adorable!

4. While roaming around today, I stumbled upon this great tea place, argo tea.  I went in and they have such crazy different teas.  I ordered a heavenly chai coconut latte...yum.  They had adorable to go cups...I may have to go there again tomorrow, it's only 2 blocks away!

5. We live 5 blocks from the Sears tower and can't wait to see it this weekend.

                      This weekend more sightseeing and being a tourist with the hubby!


Megan said...

Great post! I'm so excited for all of the fun things you'll get to do and see in Chicago. My husband and I just booked a trip back to Seattle where I'm from. I can't wait to return to civilization. Enjoy your time in this amazing city! I look forward to reading about all of your adventures.

Lorri said...

Not gonna lie, this looks so fun! I love Chicago so much and spring is the best time to be there! Invest in a good pair of ear plugs!